A Winter White Baby Shower


Sometimes we can stare all day at image or item and want it to inspire us because we love it, but nothing flows. Then there are those amazing moments when just looking at something for one second gets the ideas flowing. That is exactly what happened for us when planning this December baby shower.

We saw an image of a cake topper that was the perfect simple, white teddy bear. Immediately we knew, that the cake for this baby shower would have to feature a white teddy bear and also that we wanted a shower centered around shades of creamy matte white. Further inspiration struck when a brand-new restaurant opened that featured an open-air patio with gorgeous white lanterns covering the ceiling. It was a match made in heaven.

Since the shower was in December, we wanted it to have that holiday-feel without being overtly “holiday” in theme. We are true believers that the best themes are the ones that guests don’t even realize. To create that feeling, we incorporated leaf wreaths. This element was perfect in giving guests the feeling of said theme, subconsciously. The magnolia leaf wreaths led the way for lots of natural greenery in centerpieces and imagery. To create continuity, all the paper goods throughout the event had vines or leaves on them.

We commissioned an artist to make custom all-white stuffed animals to accent the table décor. The animals gave the elevated tables that baby feel while maintaining an elegant atmosphere for the adults.

The key to a monochromatic scheme is texture. We incorporated different tones of white and beige stuffed animal rabbits, whitewashed wood rocking horses, and hand painted white alphabet boxes for dimension and staging. We even kept all of the desserts on the dessert table all white.

To date, this is still one of our favorite events. Everything came together so beautifully. And the design translated peace, nature, and beauty to the expecting mama. What expecting mom doesn’t want that?

Barbara Walters