Style Me Pretty Feature: Our Home Office


We recently re-vamped our space here at Lynden Lane and this is our interpretation of how to make your home office fit your brand as well as your lifestyle. As an incredibly involved mom & grandma (or Bebe as my grandkids call me), it was most important to me to make my space accommodating for constant activity and cozy family gatherings.

At the same time, being in the business of designing beautiful events, moments and even
interiors, it was crucial that our space made sense for our brand and the clientele who will visit here. After a lot of editing, we settled on the main thread for the look: shades of blue. Blues are comforting, welcoming and motivating – pairing this with polished brass accents, graphic pillows and the perfect ocean view completely sealed the deal, making our home office a place we’ll never tire of!

Barbara Walters