Let Them Eat Cake


Nothing is more timeless than a three - or four-tiered white wedding cake; here are my favorite ways to translate the traditional white wedding cake into any wedding style.

Above:  This clean and classic white cake with embossed fondant was kept simple to work with the stunning garden background and floating candles.

Above:  Transforming a traditional white cake into a chic naked cake will provide a simplified yet bold treat for you and your guests. Adding fresh fruit and florals sets this trendy cake apart, while also tasting delicious! Whether you are health-conscious, anti-frosting, or a regular sweet lover, a beautifully decorated naked cake will be the perfect addition to your wedding day.

Above:  A wispy movement to a modest cake gives just enough texture. Stark, white cakes with slight detailing leave a stunning contrast against any backdrop.

Above:  This white cake was accented with details to enhance the rustic reception design. The flowers that adorned the cake were accents from the floral arrangements on the tablescape, which also included cherries strewn throughout.

Match your cake to the décor! The texture in this sweet treat reflected the ruffles used in decorating the reception space while the peonies matched the bride’s bouquet, keeping a common theme of femininity throughout the event.

Renovating the conventional white cake to reflect the personality you want in your wedding design is the perfect way to both keep tradition and customize your event.

Love, Barbi

Barbara Walters