The Lynden Lane Company


We are a team of a mother and two daughters who believe that perfection is not always perfect, a font does make a difference, that balance creates art, there is no such thing as a detail that is too small, good etiquette equals good manners period, there is very little that a good laugh can’t cure, and that really good champagne is always worth it!

We find happiness in the softness of a perfect white t-shirt, the arch of a beautiful shoe, the perfect shade of a gray paint, a dog-eared book, a chubby baby, and a yummy cheese plate. In other words, we believe style and design are, or should be inherent in everything you do.

Design, styling and exemplary execution are not just what we do it is who we are. Great design takes time and careful thorough thought. At Lynden Lane, design is craft.

Lastly, we believe in reciprocity. We create designs and events through a partnership – a cooperative. For the design to be amazing – we rely on communication, trust, and the unwritten agreement that we are working with you as a team.

To that end, we gave life to The Lynden Lane Company because we also believe that no matter how small or how grand your event is it should be an experience that astounds you. 

Love, Barbi, Layne, Lyndsey


    Barbi Walters


    Lyndsey Schwartz


    Layne Povey